Good2gether launches pilot project to aid non-profit organizations


Non-profits could benefit from use of NFC technology Software startup Good2gether is preparing to launch a pilot project in its home city of Boston, Massachusetts, this summer. The initiative is geared toward non-profit organizations and aims to give these organizations the ability to reach out to consumers using NFC technology. Many consumers have become enamored with NFC because of its interactivity. New smart phones that are capable of interacting with the technology are being released into the commercial market, making it possible for more consumers to engage in the NFC-based…

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Berg Insight study shows that NFC-enabled smart phones sales will jump to 100 million this year

NFC Technology

A new study from Berg Insight, a market research and analysis firm based in Sweden, paints a bright future for NFC-enabled smart phones. The study suggests that sales of NFC-enabled smart phones will jump to 100 million this year, up from 30 million in 2011. The rapid adoption of these mobile devices is likely due to the growing popularity of mobile commerce. NFC smart phones can be used as mobile payment devices, enabling users to make purchases without having to use physical currency or credit card. The technology is not…

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NFC technology can be used for much more than mobile commerce thanks to new app from the Android Market

Social Media Marketing

Today, much of the news regarding NFC technology revolves around how it can be used for mobile commerce. The technology, however, can be used for much more than making payments from a smart phone. For those more interested in social networking than mobile commerce, a new app has come to the Android Market. The app is called Add Friend and it utilizes NFC technology to connect people via Facebook. The app aims to streamline social networking in the real world for those with NFC-enabled smart phones. NFC chips, such as…

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