QR codes used on printouts by Inky-Linky

QR Codes Inky Linky

These barcodes are designed to include helpful links in the margins of digital and printed pages. Inky-Linky has just announced its latest idea, which allows customers to add QR codes to the margins of websites so that when the pages are printed out, they will still include a fast and easy way to return to the site. This new and clever way to reference all of the links from the page could change the face of web design. The key to the QR codes from Inky-Linky is in their simplicity.…

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TagMyDoc service launches, enabling tech-savvy individuals to stamp a QR code on their documents

A new online service has launched for those interested in plastering QR codes on their documents. TagMyDoc aims to help those familiar with QR codes to incorporate the mobile technology into their printed materials, whatever they may be. The service, while still in beta testing, may appeal to both college students and job seekers alike, as it will give these people access to a powerful promotional tool. At present, the service is free, though that may change in the future depending on how successful it ends up becoming. QR codes…

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QR codes can help people find missing things, including pets

QR Code

QR codes may have become one of the most widely used tools in the marketing world, but they can be used for much more than discounts. Washington-based startup Dynotag has launched seeks to use the codes as a way to track lost things. The service will be completely free, allowing users to generate their own QR codes and put them on anything that may be prone to being misplaced. The codes can be placed on just about anything as their size is customizable. When smart phone users create a QR…

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