Mobile payments through PayPal could explode if McDonald’s pilot program works

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This new partnership could be defining for both companies as well as the entire industry. PayPal has just entered into the very first stages of what may be one of the most defining mobile payments deals in the industry, as it begins its partnership with the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s. The new smartphone transaction service is now being tested at 30 restaurants in France. Earlier in 2012, Orlando, Florida franchisees saw demonstrations of a wider PayPal mobile payments program at a McDonald’s conference. Now, a spokeswoman…

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LevelUp announces new Times Square free pizza promotion for smartphone users on New Year’s Eve

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Mobile payment company, LevelUp, has announced the launch of its first brand partner on a national level, Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen (Villa FIK), and it will be kicking off this partnership by offering free pizza to smartphone users at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The promotion will allow smartphone owners to use their devices to receive free food worth up to $10, including pizza, Stromboli, pasta, salads, and other options available at Villa FIK. This will demonstrate the mobile payment technique to the device users by providing them with…

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Taiwan to work to establish mobile commerce foundation next year

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Mobile commerce is expected to take off in Taiwan next year as more telecommunications companies begin to adopt NFC technology. Far EasTone, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country, has announced that it will be working with the other four telecom companies in Taiwan to build a foundation for mobile commerce. Together, the companies expect that the number of NFC-enabled smart phones in the country will surpass 100,000, which means that mobile commerce market will be ripe with potential. The new telecommunications coalition has met with the Bankers…

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Tweeters can shop using Payvment mobile solution

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Users of Twitter mobile can now click on one of their stream tweets in order to buy an item through the new Payvment mobile shopping service. Sellers at Payvment have already been generating thousands of tweets about their products each day, so the service has decided to broaden its ecommerce platform, which currently resides exclusively at Facebook, to include Twitter, as well. The purpose of this decision is to make it more quick and easy for the increasing number of Twitter users to find, share and buy products using their…

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Gemalto to provide platform for ISIS NFC mobile commerce


The American NFC contactless mobile payment service, ISIS, which is a joint venture among the major U.S. mobile network operators, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile, has selected the trusted solution for service managers, Allynis from Gemalto, as its central mobile commerce platform. According to the chief marketing officer for ISIS, Ryan Hughes, Gemalto was chosen due to its long established relationships with both mobile operators and various trusted financial organizations. He explained that this meant that Gemalto could provide significant experience in offering services to the consumer, which involve…

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