Dynamic mobile marketing tools for any business, any budget: QR Codes

QR Codes in marketing

Powerful platform adds value to QR codes in marketing QR codes have become a prominent marketing tool and have proven that they are proficient in engaging mobile consumer in a dynamic way. The codes often receive some criticism because they are not generally well understood. The purpose of the codes is quite simple: They are used to provide consumers with access to information concerning products or to provide them with digital experiences they would not be able to access through conventional marketing tools. The 2d codes hold a great deal of…

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Consumer awareness of QR codes still lacking, may divide the marketing industry

Consumer awareness of QR codes seems to be lacking in the U.S. Recently, USA Today reporter Jefferson Graham visited the set of CBS’ Let’s Make A Deal where he surveyed the audience on what they knew about the blocky codes. Not surprisingly, Graham found that only 30% of the audience knew about the codes and had used them before. The other 70% did not know that the codes existed at all. Graham’s findings, though limited in scope, are backed by recent reports from comScore, a market research firm, regarding QR…

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