WeChat update makes mobile commerce possible for all retailers in China

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New update allows the popular app to serve as a universal mobile shopping and payments platform China’s Tencent is beginning to push into the mobile commerce field more aggressively. The company’s most popular application, WeChat, has been updated to introduce a new feature. Now, all Chinese brands will be able to support mobile payments made through the application. Thanks to the update, WeChat can be used for in-store purchases as well as online purchases. The update may help solidify WeChat as the leading mobile commerce platform in China. Demand for…

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Mobile commerce helps boost Internet use in China

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Report highlights the growth of Internet usage throughout China The number of people accessing the Internet in China has grown significantly over the past year, according to a new report from the China Internet Network Information Center. The report suggests that the growth of Internet usage is linked to the growing adoption of mobile technology. More consumers throughout China have access to mobile devices than they did in the past and the country’s telecommunications companies have been making a concerted effort to expand their mobile network services. 618 million Internet…

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Mobile payments to take off in China over the next three years

China Mobile Commerce

Chinese consumers are expected to adopt the method quite widely by 2015 As mcommerce takes off in China, it is leading to a number of other associated growths, such as in mobile payments, which are expected to continue their momentum to the point that they will be highly profitable as early as 2015. A recent report has shown that although it is still just emerging in China, it will soon explode. The mobile payments report was created by Deloitte & Touche, and demonstrated that although the Chinese marketplace for paying…

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Nokia announces three new NFC Symbian smartphones

Nokia NFC Phone

Nokia has announced that it will be releasing three Symbian smartphones with near field communication (NFC) technology in the hopes that it will help to lessen losses of its market share to Google’s Android. Nokia is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide and, according to the chief of sales, Colin Giles, the company has noted that there is a “big requirement” for this type of product in Asia. Giles has also been named the interim head of Chinese business for the company. There, he is reshaping Nokia’s operations following…

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