M-commerce trends are drawing buyers

m-commerce mobile apps

The many shopping trends currently taking off are sending shoppers to their smartphones to a rising degree. As consumers look toward digital resources to a rising extent, m-commerce is benefiting from those shopping behaviors as a growing number of them look to their smartphones and tablets to learn more about brands, products, and stores where they can make a purchase. They are using those gadgets to find out about where they can buy in person, on their PC, or over mobile. This shift in m-commerce use is making it increasingly…

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Mobile commerce research identifies behaviors of the wealthy

mobile commerce affluent

A new study from eMarketer has revealed that affluent individuals have specific smartphone based shopping habits. eMarketer has released the result of an in depth analysis of the direction that mobile commerce is taking and, in doing so, it has revealed a considerable amount of insight that pertains specifically to consumers who are among the most affluent. This data, which has been released for free by the firm, is drawing a sizeable amount of attention. The data that that was revealed through the mobile commerce research provided a number of…

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Mobile commerce study reveals more than half of female smartphone owners shop

mobile commerce demographics

Research performed by Swirl showed that 53 percent of women device users have up to 5 shopping apps. The results of a recent study conducted by Swirl have revealed that while 53 percent of female smartphone owners have up to five different mobile commerce apps on their devices, they still feel that the best overall shopping experience is the one that they receive while they are actually in store. The smartphone marketing platform provider conducted the survey among American consumers. In order to reach its conclusions, Swirl held a survey…

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Mcommerce research reveals that men talk more and faster when shopping

A study performed by Marchex has revealed this behavior trend among male consumers. The results of an mcommerce research study have just been released, and have indicated that men have a tendency to talk for a longer period of time, and to speak more rapidly, when they are using their smartphones to make a purchase. The research indicated that they spoke for longer and more quickly than women shoppers. The results of the mcommerce study showed that the average man would remain on the phone for 7 minutes and 23…

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The main share of mobile ad dollars will soon be local advertising


As advertisers become increasingly familiar with marketing for smartphones, they are finding that local is highly important. On an increasing level, as marketers get a feel for what it takes to reach smartphone and tablet consumers, they are discovering that the heart of mobile commerce, and the spending that is done for marketing there, is local. As the behaviors of these consumers are better observed, studied, and understood, it has been found that they are using their smartphones when they are on the go and aren’t seeking general information as…

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