Mobile Commerce Round Up

This week in Mobile Commerce…   Below please find the notes and highlights we cover…   QR codes scanned daily by 2.75 million Americans Arbitron and Edison Research have released the results of a new study, which revealed that QR codes are being regularly used by a large number of smartphone owning Americans. The study found that in the United States, about 21 percent of smartphone users have scanned QR codes at least one time in their lives. The study also found that 25% of consumers accessed retailer coupons using…

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Augmented reality may be a powerful tool for gaming and entertainment

Augmented Reality

Report highlights augmented reality in gaming and entertainment Augmented reality has been widely used for the purposes of entertainment in the past. While the technology is gaining ground in other fields, it remains a powerful force in the entertainment sector, especially where gaming is involved. Mind Commerce, a leading market research and consulting firm, has released a new report concerning the state of augmented reality in the game and entertainment industries. The report highlights the trends that exist in these sectors and how augmented reality is being used to engage…

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Augmented reality may have a bright future ahead

Augmented Reality app

Augmented reality could see major adoption in the coming decade Augmented reality is quickly becoming a technology that is pushing the boundaries of marketing, entertainment, and consumer engagement in many industries. The technology has won the favor of consumers because of its interactive nature and its ability to provide these people with dynamic digital content. Businesses have become enthralled with the technology because it represents a d new way to engage tech-savvy consumers. Global Information, a leading publisher of market research, has released several reports concerning the capabilities of augmented…

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Mobile commerce and global economic crisis

Mobile Commerce News

New report provides insight on the role mobile commerce may play in economic calamity Mind Commerce, a market research and analysis firm, has released a new report concerning the role that mobile commerce plays in the event of economic crisis. Mobile commerce has evolved at a rapid pace, due partly to the high level of support it has garnered from governments, technology companies, and financial institutions. Today, the industry holds a strong presence throughout the world and its reach is expected to grow as more consumers become savvy with mobile…

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Augmented reality and cloud computing may be made for each other


Augmented reality continues to gain power in the technology industry Augmented reality is quickly becoming a powerful force in the world of technology. Augmented reality is capable of enhancing the physical world with a variety of computer-generated sensory input. The technology is often used to enrich user experience in the entertainment and marketing industries, but is beginning to find practical use as well. Though the technology can be used by any platform that is capable of meeting its somewhat high demands, augmented reality has established a strong foothold in the…

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