Mcommerce research reveals that men talk more and faster when shopping

A study performed by Marchex has revealed this behavior trend among male consumers. The results of an mcommerce research study have just been released, and have indicated that men have a tendency to talk for a longer period of time, and to speak more rapidly, when they are using their smartphones to make a purchase. The research indicated that they spoke for longer and more quickly than women shoppers. The results of the mcommerce study showed that the average man would remain on the phone for 7 minutes and 23…

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Mcommerce purchases through apps make up less than 5 percent of online revenue

Mobile commerce shopping trends

A new report about the earnings from 2012 based on application use. If the results of a study published in a recent report are any indication, the expense related to mcommerce apps, which are becoming increasingly popular among retailers, may not be the best possible investment that these merchants can make as they take their first large steps into mobile. The study determined that these applications aren’t generating a large amount of revenue quite yet. The report was created and issued by Research 2 Guidance. It examined the data from…

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Mobile commerce skyrockets by 180 percent at Blinkbox

TV Mobile commerce

The company has reported a sudden surge in its sales by way of many different wireless devices. Blinkbox has released its latest figures, which have revealed that its mobile commerce sales jumped by 180 percent from November to December, which they are calling a considerable victory. Similarly, they saw a year over year increase of 220 percent in their 2012 sales. The site provides a television and movie streaming service which is primarily owned by Tesco (80 percent). It is currently experiencing a growing number of sales from a combination…

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Mcommerce purchases are primarily generated through iOS devices

iphone mcommerce

A report has just been released that shows that Apple smartphones are responsible for 68 percent of mobile sales. According to the results of research performed by Unbound Commerce, iPhones account for 68 percent of mcommerce sales, while Android smartphones make up an additional 31.4 percent of those sales. The analysis used data gleaned from a number of retailers in order to make this determination. Among the various companies that participated in this mcommerce study were: HauteLook, e.l.f cosmetics, Inc., and Inc. They shared their internal analytics data…

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Mobile commerce is speeding up and nearing $1 trillion

Mobile commerce Trends

Even as this level is approached, mcommerce continues to grow at an increasing rate. With every new holiday season, a new shopping trend is identified, and mobile commerce was by far the top player in this year’s most important factors that were used by both companies and especially by consumers. On Black Friday, many consumers preferred to stay home and shop for sales from smartphones and tablets. This allowed them to comparison shop more effectively, and to avoid the lineups and crowds that are synonymous with the day. This continued…

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