Geolocation delivery promoted by McDonald’s to encourage mobile app use

Geolocation delivery - McDonald's Restaurant Sign

McDonald’s Sweden introduces a mobile marketing campaign involving QR codes. In order to encourage mobile use among its customers, McDonald’s Sweden launched a geolocation delivery marketing campaign. The campaign saw the fast food company give out free limited-edition picnic blankets that featured a QR (quick response) code. The code let people place food delivery orders from their phone. Consumers had their food delivered to the blanket’s location. More specifically, the way it works is users in Sweden who have the blanket can use the McDonald’s mobile app to place an…

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QR codes can help consumers buy a meal at McDonald’s

mcdonalds qr codes mobile payments

In Sweden, the fast food restaurant is now using the quick response codes to pay with SEQR wallet. McDonald’s Sweden has now announced that its customers will be able to use QR codes in order to pay for their meals, through the integration of the mobile wallet SEQR with its mobile app. This has been arranged through a partnership with the wallet application’s creator, Seamless. The existing mobile app from McDonald’s already provides the consumer with its menus, as well as the allergy and nutrition information associated with its foods,…

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