Apple’s Passbook may already be a powerful mobile commerce platform

Mobile Commerce Apple Passbook mobile wallet

Apple’s plans for mobile commerce are no secret Apple has been somewhat cautious when it comes to the matter of mobile commerce. The company does have an interest in the field, but has expressed concerns when it comes to the level of security that exists in the mobile commerce field as it exists currently. Much of mobile commerce is based on NFC technology, which facilitates the transmission of digital information over short distances. While NFC has aided the emergence of mobile commerce, it has also attracted numerous malicious parties to…

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QR codes gaining support in the United Arab Emirates

QR Codes

Demand for QR codes is on the rise As smartphone penetration in the Middle East grows, consumers are beginning to demand new and more convenient services. In the United Arab Emirates, consumers are beginning to demand that their mobile devices have the ability to quickly connect to a variety of location-based services as well as recognize QR codes. The UAE is one of the few placed in the world where consumers are actually demanding that companies make more use of QR codes in their products and advertising. Report shows growing…

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