Mobile commerce share from iOS devices is 80 percent

Mobile Commerce Traffic

Apple devices make up the majority of all wireless online spending . The time has arrived that smartphones and tablets have become mainstream products, and people are using them for a growing number of daily activities, including shopping using mobile commerce websites. The more shoppers use these devices to make their purchases, the more Apple seems to take the lead. This is an important consideration as one of the most defining holiday shopping seasons for mobile commerce begins to take its very first steps. It is believed that approximately one…

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Report shows iOS devices lead UK mobile shopping online

iphone users

A report produced by a commerce website designing and building company, BaseKit, has shown that though iPhone and iPad owners are those that are most likely to make a purchase using their mobile devices, very few people in the country actually shop on their tablets, and an even smaller number do so from smartphones. In fact, the report showed that among tablet owning Brits, only 4 percent shop from the device, and that number is even lower for those who own smartphones. BaseKit’s response to this data was to say…

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The impact of multichannel commerce on brick and mortar and online shops

Consumer Shopping Trends

Multichannel commerce has now arrived and has a firm foothold in the mainstream shopping experience of consumers, allowing them to use various types of devices to assist them in their purchasing decisions and processes. Customers aren’t just heading out to the nearest store in order to buy the products and services that they want, but they are also including the use of devices at home and work, such as desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices no matter where they are – including in-store, such as smartphones and tablets.…

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eBay app for iPad allows consumers to purchase products they see on television

Tablet Commerce

eBay has announced the launch of a new campaign to assist consumers with TV commerce, a concept that allows people to purchase items that they see on television. iPad users can download the eBay app onto their device in order to start looking – and buying – things that they have seen on their favorite movies and television programs. The application allows its users to peruse merchandise from movies and shows in the attempt to leverage its position as the biggest marketplace online. It currently boasts 58 million mobile users…

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IBM analytics forecast hot holiday shopping season over mobile devices

Mobile Shopping

IBM has used its extensive resources for analytics to determine that the 2011 holiday shopping season will boom with more use of mobile devices to make purchases over retail sites than ever before. The company has forecasted that throughout the heat of the November holiday shopping season, a never before seen 15 percent of Americans will be using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s website. These findings were based on IBM’s use of cloud analytics from its range of analytics solutions. The IBM Coremetrics Benchmark data indicated that there…

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