Mobile commerce may become more secure with new technology

nfc technology Mobile Security

Freescale Semiconductor teams with INSIDE Secure to bring more safety to mobile commerce There are no signs of mobile commerce losing momentum around the world despite very serious concerning regarding security. Security has emerged as the most significant challenge facing mobile commerce today, even surpassing the problem of the low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Security faults in many popular mobile payment applications and systems used by retailers, banks, and other companies could threaten the success of the mobile commerce industry. In order to solve the growing problem of security,…

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NFC technology may see progress with new patent program from INSIDE Secure

NFC Technology mobile commerce

New patent licensing program announced by INSIDE Secure and France Brevets INSIDE Secure, a leading technology developer focused on mobile security, has announced that it has teamed with France Brevets, Europe’s first investment fund focused on patent promotion and monetization of new mobile systems. Together, the two will develop and deploy a new patent licensing program tailored for NFC technology and its uses in mobile commerce. The initiative is aimed to make the patents held by INSIDE Secure available to the manufacturers of mobile devices in order to allow them…

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WestSummit announces new investments, targets mobile commerce for future growth

Mobile Commerce Future

WestSummit Captial, a technology investment firm based in China, has announced that it will be investing in projects from Union Optech, an optical lens manufacturer, and INSIDE Secure, an NFC technology provider from Europe. WestSummit has extensive history in investing in growth stage technologies, powering their progress and making new products ready from commercialization. The company believes that its latest investments will be beneficial for the technologic ecosystem of China, especially as the country becomes more interested in mobile commerce. INSIDE Secure has been a leading developer of NFC technology…

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Freescale Semiconductor and Inside Secure team to make new NFC-enabled prepaid electricity meter design

Electricity Meters

Freescale Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of micro-technologies, and Inside Secure, a mobile technology company specializing in NFC, have come together to create a new contactless, prepaid utility meter design. The design aims to bring more security to the world of electronic meter products as well as help modernize the utilities industry. Prepaid electricity meters are quite popular throughout the world, but have been the target of fraud in the past. Both companies claim that the new design system will be much more reliable in terms of safety. The design is…

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NFC Forum members to show off new products at the NRF Annual Convention and Expo this month

NFC Technology

Members of the NFC Forum, a conglomerate of companies working to establish standards on usage of NFC technology, will be in attendance at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention and Expo event this month in New York City. The long-standing event will attract businesses from all over the world and expose them to new trends emerging in the worlds of marketing, commerce and general business. The NFC Forum plans to unveil new, innovative retail solutions based on NFC technology, hoping to raise awareness of how powerful the technology can…

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