iKaaz seeks to expand the accessibility of mobile commerce

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Reach of mobile commerce could be expanded thanks to iKaaz With mobile commerce gaining more attention around the world, consumers are beginning to clamor for services that cater to them. Unfortunately, the majority of mobile commerce services that could be useful to consumers are based on NFC technology. This means that only mobile devices that are equipped with NFC technology can make use of these services. Because NFC-enabled mobile devices are still relatively rare, consumers have had trouble participating in mobile commerce. This may soon change, however, thanks to iKaaz,…

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Mobile commerce made more approachable by iKaaz

Mobile Commerce

New mobile commerce system launched by iKaaz Mobile commerce is still considered by some to be in a state of infancy. This is true, in many cases, especially where vendors are concerned. Most modern mobile commerce efforts are based around the use of NFC technology, which allows for the transmission of financial information over very short distances. NFC-enabled devices, especially point-of-sale terminals, are in short supply, however, making the adoption of mobile commerce somewhat complicated for several industries. iKaaz, a developer of mobile payment solutions, aims to solve that problem.…

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