Mobile payments checkout now available at Rockport

The footwear company has now implemented Google Wallet. Rockport, a footwear company, has announced that its mcommerce site now features a checkout service that uses Google Wallet mobile payments, so that smartphone users will be able to purchase their boots, shoes, and accessories from their favorite devices. The integration of this new platform was accomplished by the Unbound Commerce service provider. The platform also includes a number of other mcommerce features to mirror the overall infrastructure that the company has established on its standard desktop website. Rockport has chosen Google…

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Mcommerce update has been simplified for users of Google Wallet

Mobile Wallets

The mobile payments method should now become easier, particularly for those at store locations. Google has announced today that it has taken steps to ensure that mcommerce would run much more easily for users of its Google Wallet mobile payments method. The most recent update was described in one of the company’s blogs by Barak Turovsky. This most recent update has been designed to make mcommerce much faster and simpler for both merchants and consumers who are using Google Wallet. It will allow merchants who accept these mobile payments to…

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