Google directs AdSense toward mobile web, halting AdMob in that market


Due to the crossover that was bound to occur between AdSense and AdMob in terms of their offerings to the mobile advertising marketplace, Google will be pushing AdSense to publishers as it withdraws AdMob support from mobile. Experts are anticipating a number of cuts and integrations of features to both platforms. It first purchased AdMob in 2009 for $750 million, in a direct attempt to capitalize on the mobile advertising market. This form of advertising, but on the mobile web and with apps, is a natural complement to the search…

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Report shows that spending is stagnating for mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

A Relevancy Group report has shown that businesses are currently hesitating to pour more money into a mobile advertising campaign. The research performed in order to create the report indicated that the low return on investment (ROI) and dwindling customer engagement are leading marketers and ecommerce solutions away from making larger and more continued investments into advertising through mobile commerce. Among the participants in the study, 43 percent claimed that they did not intend to boost their spending on mobile ads within the next year as a result of a…

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