Filmmakers embrace interactive technology to give audiences a more engaging experience

AR Technology

As technology becomes more advanced, its relationship with the world of nature is gaining more attention. Filmmakers are turning to multimedia to produce more interactive movies and have been taking interest in augmented reality. Such is the case with “Bear71,” a new documentary that examines the relationship between wildlife and technology. The documentary is part of the “New Frontier” program from the Sundance Film Festival, which seeks to showcase how filmmakers are using new technologies to create interactive experiences. The documentary follows a grizzly bear in the Banff National Park…

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Fox Searchlight Pictures releases new film trailers via QR codes

QR Code Movie Trailer

The film industry is beginning to see promise in the use of QR codes. Fox Searchlight Pictures, the film division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is taking a new approach to using the codes. Traditionally, QR codes are used to distribute information or offer consumers some kind of discount. Fox, however, is leveraging the codes in a new promotional campaign for the upcoming film Martha Marcy May Marlene. The campaign will see the codes used to distribute trailers for the movie, marking the first time movie trailers have been distributed in…

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The film industry is diving into cutting edge marketing

Mobile Commerce Film Industry

Just as ever-improving technology is being used to create films, so is it being used to market them, through innovative advertising campaigns using digital and social media that have been designed to fill the seats in the theaters. The film industry has found itself needing to be creative in order to compensate for the impact of pirating and other circumstances on their ticket sales. It has therefore formed some interesting new campaigns designed to rebuild the drive to head out to the movies. The film industry in South Africa has…

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Designer QR codes show up all over LA promoting new movie

QR Code Poster

The practice of promoting films through QR codes is becoming more and more popular. Usually, the codes are tucked away in the corner of posters and other print material. However, there may be promise in using a designer code as the focal point of the promotional effort. Such a code is in use for the upcoming movie Bob and the Monster – a documentary about musician Bob Forrest and his struggle with drug addiction. The posters are popping up all over Los Angeles, California, and the QR code taking up…

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World’s first QR code film festival launches in Korea, connects filmmakers from around the world

QR Code Film Festival

QR codes are about to get more representation in the film industry beginning today as the world’s first “QR Code Film Festival” begins. The festival is being held in Korea and will last until the end of the month. While the event may be being held overseas, anyone in the world can attend, as the entire festival is built upon QR codes. This event is a precursor to a much larger festival planned for 2012. Using the codes in this way shows that the codes are capable of much more…

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