Functionality of Location-Based Advertising Demonstrated by Adobe

Adobe News mobile shopping

At the Open Mobile Summit that was held on June 9, 2011, the contextual app, a brand new concept for contextual advertising, was brought to light for the first time for use with location-based mobile marketing. This concept was presented by Kevin Lynch, the chief technology officer for Adobe. He showed that not too long from now – in his words “really possible soon” – the user of a mobile device will be able to select from various apps depending on their actual location, what is within a certain proximity,…

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New app to help businesses manage mobile campaigns

QR Code Analytics

A new mobile application is letting companies manage their QR code campaigns as well as create new, engaging content for their mobile sites. Zappit, a leading QR code campaign management platform, recently launched the application of the same name. The app lets companies manage their campaigns from the smart phones or other mobile device. As business and mobile technology continues to become entangled, the ability to keep track of marketing campaigns has become invaluable. Zappit allows companies to keep track of real time engagement activity, customize mobile websites connected to…

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Mall giant releases QR code campaign giving shoppers what they want!

QR Code Linked to Coupons

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) has announced that they will be using QR codes as part of their new initiative to boost their digital media presence. The codes will be featured on a multitude of print advertisements, flyers and other materials. The codes will help smart phone users navigate PREIT’s 40 shopping centers. When scanned, shoppers will be able to find detailed information, including sales and upcoming events. Each shopping mall will have a mobile website and will be updated regularly by PREIT. The sites will be linked…

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Google gets into the social media game

It looks like Google is growing again. The internet giant is ready to expand its social and mobile presence to give big hitters like Facebook and Groupon a little competition. Google’s friend finder “Latitude,” got ‘check-in’ capabilities and perks. Additionally, Google ‘places’ enhanced its program to add hotpot; a place for users to recommend and share services and products they have personal experience with. Since Google was started in 1996, their mission statement hasn’t changed.  The company mission was, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and…

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Exploring the differences and similarities of the two

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

QR codes have started springing to life here in the U.S. as businesses and entrepreneurs alike have discovered their simple wonder as a marketing tool.  Meanwhile, mobile technology developers have all ready came out with another genius tool; the Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. QR codes and NFC devices are similar, yet very different.  Both, if used correctly, can help propel your business presence from the physical to the virtual world. QR codes are a small square box that looks similar to a 2D, pixilated barcode. They can be embedded…

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