New app seeks to make driving safer with the help of augmented reality

Augmented Reality

iOnRoad, an award winning developer of mobile applications, has launched a new app that can make driving a little more safe. The app, called iOnRoad Augmented Driving is available for Android smart phones and makes use of augmented reality to help motorists be aware of the various elements in their environment. Similar road safety apps have been released in the past by other companies, but iOnRoad aims to be the first to introduce a versatile tool to drivers that will not get in their way whilst traveling. The app uses…

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Russian government makes use of augmented reality to teach drivers a somber lesson

Russia Mobile apps e-Commerce

The Russian government is taking bold steps to ensure road safety. Moscow, the nation’s capital, has been plagued with an overabundance of road accidents recently, leading officials to launch a new initiative to raise awareness. The Russian Ministry of Transport has developed a new mobile application that leverages augmented reality for the sake of safety awareness. The transit authority has decided to take a much more somber approach to the issue than simply teaching citizens about the rules of the road. The government is instead showing them where people have…

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