Future of data storage

Data Cloud Storage mobile security

As cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity, people start asking themselves where it’s going. Its evolution has brought data centre and supporting technology to a whole new level. Cloud computing is not just a tendency any more. It has made it’s way from discovery to becoming an essential part of the business strategy of many organizations. And choosing the right approach means thinking about the future of this strategy. That’s why it’s important to know the advantages of the cloud platform models. Recently, the hybrid cloud environment has…

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QR codes may store human data for 1 million years and beyond

QR Code Virtual storage

QR codes may be the best way to record human history QR codes are often considered simple marketing tools and are quite effective in advertising around the world. The codes typically go unnoticed by consumers that are not specifically interested in using them, but they could have a major role to play in the longevity of humanity. Scientists from the Human Document Project believe that QR codes could be used to store information concerning the history of human civilization. More importantly, scientists believe that the codes can store this information…

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Augmented reality could revolutionize big data

Cloud Computing augmented reality

Data could benefit from augmented reality The world is changing. Nearly everything in the world has some kind of digital counterpart, which can be found online through a variety of sources. The advent of social media and mobile technology has lead to the widespread proliferation of digitized data and have given consumers greater ability to find the information that they are interested in. Mobil technology is playing a major role in this phenomenon and the importance of smartphones and tablets is drawing more attention to augmented reality and how this…

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