Appmosphere launches new app based on NFC technology

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NFC technology is the cornerstone of new application Appmosphere, a developer of mobile applications, has announced the launch of its REACH NFC application. The app will primarily be used at restaurants in Minneapolis, specifically Northeast Social stores that are quite popular throughout the city. Appmosphere and Northeast Social have worked together in the past. This new venture could change the way people interact with Northeast Social, however, as it leverages NFC technology to provide consumers with a new experience. App provides information about Northeast Social Using the application, those visiting…

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NFC technology lacking in iPhone has set back the entire marketplace

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Research shows the failure to include near field communication tech in Apple devices has held the market back. Juniper Research, the massive analyst firm, has released a statement regarding the choice of Apple not to include NFC technology in the latest release of its iPhone device, saying that this choice has held back the progress of the marketplace by around two years. Many were surprised when Apple decided against using the wireless transfer tech in its latest devices. Now, the research company says that the United States and Western Europe…

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Contactless Visa debit cards now available through Bank of Ireland

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The Bank of Ireland has announced the release of a new form of Visa debit card that is contactless, so that the consumer may make small purchases in “less than a second” by simply holding their cards over the reading device. The near-field communications (NFC) enabled cards can be used for purchases of €15 or less in a contactless transaction which functions with the user’s account at the Bank of Ireland. The same security protection that is available on all Visa cards also applies to the use of these cards.…

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