U.K. Mobile Payments to reach 20 million users by 2020

U.K. Mobile Payments

The Centre for Economic and Business Research also sees large increases in purchasing over smaller screens. According to a recent report providing information on a study conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), the use of U.K. mobile payments is going to explode over the next seven years, while at the same time, people in the country will be using their smartphones and tablets to buy a growing number of products and services. The prediction is that this year’s $7.85 billion in purchases will have risen to…

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Mobile payments service launched by Atom Technologies

Mobile payments platform

The Financial Technologies subsidiary has introduced its new IMPS for merchants. Subsidiary of Financial Technologies in India, Atom Technologies, has unveiled its new Interbank Mobile Payments Service (IMPS), which will give merchants the ability to complete interbank transactions at any time of the day or night using their cell phones. A number of companies have already expressed intentions to use IMPS integration with their operations. Among those that will be adding IMPS operations into their portfolios through the Atom Technologies mobile payments will be Univercell Telecommunications India Private Limited, Reliance…

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Mobile payments companies expect to benefit from frustration of retailers

Mobile Payments Industry

Traditional credit card companies are aggravating merchants who are turning toward alternatives. Retailers may be looking to mobile payments as an alternative to traditional transactions, having clearly had enough with Visa and MasterCard, as merchants recently refused to accept a settlement in the lawsuit that is currently accusing these credit card giants of working together to set fees for their services. PayPal is an important indicator of how retailer outrage is becoming a driver of alternatives. Investors are currently keeping a close watch on PayPal’s owners, eBay, to see how…

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