eBay uses mobile advertising campaign to place immediacy in the spotlight

Ebay m-commerce News

eBay has launched a new mobile advertising campaign that is aimed at on-demand consumers who are looking for opportunities to shop using their mobile device whenever and wherever they want. The online auction company stated that they are hoping that the campaign will encourage the market enough to bring it to its biggest mobile shopping season yet. The Venables Bell & Partners ad agency developed the campaign. According to the vice president of consumer marketing at eBay, Deirdre Findlay, “Our new campaign brings on-demand shopping to life – in the…

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Mobile Commerce Plan in Place…Check!

  Recent surveys have shown that merchants in the UK, Europe and the United States, all differ widely on their approach and thoughts about mobile commerce. The numbers show that UK merchants are missing out on about £5.7 billion in sales because of poor website performance. One hundred UK marketing managers and IT personnel from retail shops were asked about their mobile commerce sites or plans to start a site. Over 28 percent said they had no mobile sites and had no plans to start one. Only 16 percent of…

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