IBM and Apple partner up on business focused mobile app

IBM Mobile commerce app

The companies have now announced that they will be working together on this application and other products. Despite the fact that IBM and Apple have hardly seemed like companies that would ever be partnering to create products together, this is exactly what has recently been announced, as they will now be developing both mobile app and device products that are geared toward business customers. The first mobile application being developed in the partnership is targeting telecom companies as customers. One of the new mobile apps that the two companies have…

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5 Reasons We Pay for Mobile Apps When There Are Free Versions

m-commerce mobile apps

You probably have tons of mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet that you use on a regular basis. There are always more free apps available that you can download onto your device, yet we still find the need to pay for apps. There are several reasons why we pay for apps when we can get so many of them for free. Here are five reasons why we still pay for apps. Malware Let’s face it: We have no idea where some of the free apps come from. We may…

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Bizness Apps announces new m-commerce solution

Consumer Shopping Trends

Rapidly-growing startup, Bizness Apps, provides small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide with effective mobile business applications, and has now announced that it will be offering Mobile Carts, a mobile commerce solution. The new Mobile Carts solution will provide Bizness Apps clients with the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way for a company that is currently restricted to e-commerce to develop their offerings to provide their customers with an m-commerce option, as well. This mobile commerce platform is a do-it-yourself tool that permits any business to create, edit, and manage apps within…

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