Simple mobile payments through barcodes

Starbucks Mobile commerce

M-commerce could become even more convenient with codes to scannable complete transactions. Barcodes are already becoming widely popular among smartphone users, but now they are adding yet another benefit, and it is one that is working to the advantage of m-commerce, and that is mobile payments. An increasing number of merchants are using scannable barcodes for enabling purchases. They are being rapidly embraced by consumers who are always seeking a faster and easier way to shop. Many different technologies are being used for this purpose, ranging from the more “traditional”…

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Moosejaw outdoor apparel and gear retailer offers mobile payment for purchases

Moosejaw Mobile Payments

Outdoor apparel and gear retailer, Moosejaw, has announced that customers can now make purchases from anywhere within its stores using mobile devices. This has been made possible through the use of Linea-pro, from Infinite Peripherals Inc. (IPC) in combination with the fourth generation devices of Apple iPod Touch in order to provide consumers with quick and convenient options for making purchases. According to the Moosejaw senior vice president of marketing and technology, Eoin Comerford, in a company press release, by using a one-dimensional or 2-dimensional barcode scanner and a magnetic…

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