What you need to know about Cat 5 Cable

Cat 5 Cable

While Wi-Fi has grown in popularity, ethernet cables remain the best way to connect to a network. That’s because they give faster connectivity, and are also more secure. Most people shy away from cables due to cluttering. However, this is a problem you can avoid if your cabling and internet connectivity is done by a professional company such as Techtree partners. Internet cabling companies use different types of ethernet cables such as Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 to give you reliable internet connectivity. You are probably wondering what…

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Study shows latest iPhone doubles the consumption of data

iphone 4S

According to a recent study, the latest Apple mobile phone release, the iPhone 4S, consumes an average of two times more data than the previous generation of the device, and even more than the iPad tablets, as a result of the growing use of its online services such as Siri, the virtual personal assistant. This latest device has been in users’ hands since October 2011, and the small improvements that were made to it over its previous version brought disappointment to many reviewers and analysts, but this didn’t stop the…

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