Augmented reality contact lenses may be in the not too distant future

  Curved LCD technology may be opening up a whole new world of technology Augmented reality, combined with the latest in curved LCD technology, may be bringing concepts that had previously been available only in science fiction into reality. This is the idea of combining a head up display with contact lenses for a whole new level of gadget. This could become possible as a result of the latest announcement from the Centre of Microsystems Technology, which has said that curved LCD has now been successfully embedded onto a contact…

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London Eye gets a high-tech upgrade to appeal to tech-savvy tourists

London Eye Pod

The London Eye is a famous landmark in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest Ferris wheels on the planet and regularly provides tourists with a bird’s eye view of the city below. Visitors to the UK will be able to experience something new when being taken to the top of London in one of the Eye’s pods as each pod will soon be equipped with augmented reality technology. For the next month, the floors of these pods will be fitted with a digital display that shows them…

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Augmented reality can return sight to the blind with a new pair of bionic glasses

Augmented Reality Technology

Bionics have always been considered to be well nestled in the realm of science fiction. There is no doubting that technology has progressed to a point in which the concept can be applied to the real world, but current applications of bionics are still cumbersome. A group of scientists from the Oxford University in London, however, may be pushing bionic technology to the next level, with the help of augmented reality. British researchers are working on a pair of high tech glasses that will, hopefully, help the blind see again.…

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