Augmented reality study shows that games can boost data retention

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Recently performed research in Singapore has suggested new ways to use AR to help consumers remember details. A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has released the results of a new study that has indicated that the participants in a trail displayed improved information retention after having played an augmented reality game. The AR game was played over an iPad, and the participants were students from a high school. The study was made up of the participation of 36 students from the high school called Secondary One.…

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Augmented reality shows promising signs of practical use in the near future


Though augmented reality was still only in its experimental stages two years ago, it is showing signs of truly coming into its own through the latest commonly used and readily available technologies. Augmented reality is a cutting edge electronics industry innovation which superimposes audio, graphics, and other sensory enhancements from the screen onto an environment in real time. Though images on television and other standard graphics technologies don’t change with the perspective of the viewer, augmented reality systems let the viewer change what is seen through movements of the eyes…

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Top Headlines for Apps and Mobile Marketing Around the World

Augmented Reality Technology Global Mcommerce Growth

Mobile advertising and apps have skyrocketed in their popularity, leading to an ever-increasing number of headlines around the world involving the latest developments in apps, QR codes, augmented reality, and statistics. In apps news, many companies are seeing the popularity of mobile marketing and are facing a struggle as to whether or not it would be effective for them to come up with their own app to be used for advertising purposes. Brands are now needing to consider a number of new issues before they can decide to take on…

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