Google patent reveals augmented reality smartwatch

NFC technology Smart Watch Augmented Reality

Google may be working on high-tech smartwatch Google is steeping itself in augmented reality technology. The famed technology company has been hard at work on a variety of projects that concern the use of augmented reality, the most prominent of which is Project Glass. Though Project Glass has managed to acquire the majority of attention being directed at Google, the company has other projects that could change the way people interact with technology and the world around them. A new patent application from Google highlights one such project. Patent shows…

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Google awarded patent for new augmented reality system

Augmented reality system could revolutionize Google search engine Google has been granted a patent for technology that may revolutionize its acclaimed search engine and provide a great deal of information to those that make use of it. The new technology patented by Google makes use of augmented reality as a form of image recognition. Google aims to use the technology to analyze the content that is contained within videos and associate this content with the real world through a “tagging” system. This upgrade to the search engine may make it…

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