Atheer Labs seeks support for its augmented reality glasses

augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Firm launches Indiegogo campaign Atheer Labs, a technology firm, has launched a campaign through Indiegogo, a popular crowdfunding platform, for its new augmented reality glasses. A great deal of hype has come to surround the concept of AR glasses in recent years as more technology firm work to develop their own high-tech eyewear. Google is, perhaps, to blame for the majority of this hype as it has been promoting its Glass eyewear aggressively. Atheer Labs believes that this hype could translate into actual financial support from consumers that are interested…

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Augmented reality glasses to be show cases by Metaio and Vuzix

augmented reality glasses Vuzix star 1200xld

Metaio and Vuzix team to show off capabilities of augmented reality eyewear Metaio is a leading name in the augmented reality field. The company is considered a pioneer for having developed some of the most advanced augmented reality systems currently available. Metaio has a great deal of hope for augmented reality, and not just because this technology is the company’s business. The company has teamed with Vuzix, a technology company that is developing its own augmented reality glasses. Together, the two companies are expected to show off these augmented reality…

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Augmented reality eyewear gets a head start in Canada

Epson Augmented Reality Glasses

Epson makes a move on augmented reality The expected release date of Google Glass, the company’s augmented reality eyewear, is still several months away. In Canada, people may not have to wait in order to get their hands on augmented reality eyewear, however, thanks to printing giant Epson and Scope Technologies. Both companies have teamed to turn Epson’s Moverio BT-100 head-mounted system into and augmented reality device. This device has a specific purpose, of course, and is to be used for training purposes. Moverio system expected to beat Google Glass…

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iOptik honored in Popular Science 2012 Invention Awards

Augmented Reality contact lens

Augmented reality gains acclaim through Invention Awards Augmented reality eyewear seems to be all the rage in the technology world. Companies like Google have been making waves in their industry by unveiling details of their own augmented reality projects. The concept of eyewear that can digitize a person’s vision is becoming vastly popular, with more companies beginning to test the waters to determine whether they too should pursue such projects. The technology is part of the focus for this year’s Invention Awards, hosted by Popular Science. iOptik wins honors from…

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Oakley announces development of augmented reality glasses


Google is not the only augmented reality glasses player in town… Oakley, a maker of sporting equipment with a focus on eyewear, has announced that it is developing a pair of augmented reality glasses designed for the world of sports. The company is the latest in a growing line of those entering the field of augmented reality eyewear, but it is the first within the sporting industry to adopt the technology in this way. While Oakley only revealed information regarding its latest project this week, the company has been working…

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