Augmented reality pilot to boost Walgreens customer loyalty

mobile commerce mhealth augmented reality app walgreens

The company is working AR technology into its current app for a unique new consumer experience. Walgreens has now announced that it will be using augmented reality to help customers to be able to better navigate their store shelves in order to be able to more easily find everything that they have on their shopping lists. The feature is being piloted as a potential addition to its mobile app to allow smartphones to guide customers in-store. In order to use the augmented reality, the Walgreens loyalty app partner, Aisle411, is…

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Augmented reality presents growing opportunity for app companies

Augmented Reality apps

These applications provide considerable opportunities in areas such as animations, videos, and 3d models. Retailers and other consumer focused businesses are placing an increasing focus on augmented reality, to be able to provide shoppers with an enhanced overall product and brand discovery and interaction experience. This has caused the makers of apps that use this technology to experience a tremendous sudden growth. Even the smallest augmented reality startups are finding that their business is doubling, tripling, or quadrupling throughout this year, due to the rising interest from large brands. This…

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Augmented reality is a growing part of the retail and travel experience

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

There have been a growing number of success stories that are encouraging companies to try more.   photo via A recent success story using augmented reality in China is having a growing number of airports adopt AR technology as a part of the high tech travel shopping experience around the world. Mobile commerce has become increasingly popular among travelers and commuters. It hasn’t just been limited to augmented reality. The Frankfurt Airport has used QR codes on a wall to give travelers the opportunity to use their smartphones to…

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Augmented reality may have a role to play in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce

Future of mobile commerce may be influenced by augmented reality Mobile commerce is becoming a very big deal among consumers. More people are beginning to demand the ability to shop and purchase products from their mobile devices, and these devices are becoming increasingly useful product research tools for many consumers. As mobile shopping becomes more prominent, the capabilities of interactive technologies are getting more attention, as is the case with augmented reality. Augmented reality is beginning to play a major role in the way people shop for products online using…

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Augmented reality blends with e-commerce on new platform from Zugara

Augmented reality-Zugara eCommerce

Startup creates platform to enhance e-commerce through augmented reality Zugara, a technology startup based in Los Angeles, California, is looking to revolutionize the world of e-commerce by adding in a dose of augmented reality. The startup has created a new e-commerce platform called PrestaShop. The platform is meant to provide shoppers with the ability to try on clothes before they make a purchase. This is accomplished through the use of augmented reality. The startup claims that its platform is the first of its kind, though augmented reality has been used…

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