lifeClipper augmented reality experience creates an alien world that people are free to explore

Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality is teeming with possibilities. As the technology garners more attention, developers around the world are keen to push the boundaries of the technology to unlock new experiences. This is especially true in the world of art, where technocratic artists are looking to blur the lines between the imagination and the real world. lifeClipper, an open air art project in Switzerland, is taking this concept to an extreme. The developers and artist behind the project jokingly claim that it could make LSD obsolete. The lifeClipper project is entirely housed…

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Photography and augmented reality combine to make immersive experience

As technology becomes more advanced, artists are looking to create experiences that encompass all the senses. For countless years, artists have relied solely on sight to reach their audience. With augmented reality, however, they can do much more with the work they create. Portuguese artist Nuno Serrao has launched a new photography exhibition he calls Project Paperclip. The exhibition aims to combine art with technology and present an experience that many people will find innovative. For anyone to get the full experience of Project Paperclip, they must first download an…

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Augmented reality continues to send ripples of innovation through the world of art

Blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds is becoming an interest for artists. In an effort to break new artistic ground, many have turned to augmented reality, hoping that the technology will help them achieve their aim. Thus far, artists using augmented reality have seen a great deal of success. Artists Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza have been using the technology for some time and have recently launched a new project that aims to push the boundaries of what people know about art. The project is called Nervous…

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Augmented reality app makes adbusting a legal and viable way to make art

Augmented Reality

Adbusting is a growing trend in the Eastern and Western U.S. Adbusting, also known as culture jamming, sees artists coming together to change existing advertisements with works of art. These works often hold some cultural commentary and are seen as vandalism in large cities. For some artists, the issue of vandalism can be quite the deterrent. As such, artists have begun using augmented reality as a way to carry out their adbusting goals. The Public Ad Campaign, a group of New York-based artists that considers all advertisements to be public…

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Fine Art instructors begin to adopt augmented reality to help students learn the craft

Augmented Reality Art

Fine Art faculty members at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University have begun experimenting with augmented reality as a way to present artistic concepts to students. Art instructor Paulo Majano believes that the technology is underutilized and hopes to enhance his teaching methods with augmented reality. With the help of Junaio, a mobile application built specifically for augmented reality, Majano has been building 3D images that can fly around a class room. Majano will be launching an art exhibition with his students later this year that makes use of the technology. Majano…

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