Mobile commerce race currently holds Apple in the lead

ipad vs kindle

Amazon is competition, but it has yet to take first place in this marketplace. ComScore released its data this month that reveals some surprising progress that has been made in the mobile commerce environment, by showing that Apple was the leader of the market, notably ahead of Amazon. That said the Kindle Fire is certainly keeping the iPad on the run. Recent struggles faced by companies such as Facebook or Zynga, which are currently dropping like stones, have led people to believe that the mobile commerce marketplace may have simply…

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Amazon launches Price Check mobile app to provide consumers with discount opportunities

Amazon Mobile technology App

Amazon has announced to its consumers that it has made a Price Check mobile app available for comparison shopping throughout the holiday season. This new application provides shoppers with an additional discount on their purchase worth 5 percent, so that they can save more money with their gift buying. Starting on December 10th, Amazon’s Price Check app users will receive an additional discount of 5 percent, up to five dollars, off up to three items that they purchase among the music, DVD, electronics, toys, and sporting goods qualifying products. The…

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire to make a splash without drowning the iPad

Though chief executive officer of, Jeff Bezos, believes that the new Kindle Fire will be a highly attractive product for consumers looking for a bargain priced tablet computer, it is not likely that it will have an impact on Apple’s iPad in the lead of the marketplace. The price of the newest Kindle model, $199, is less than half of the least expensive model of the iPad, and – according to a Susquehanna Financial Group analyst, Herman Leung – will be very attractive to shoppers who are seeking a…

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How closely will the Amazon Kindle tablet resemble the iPad?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon technology news

Information about the latest Amazon Kindle tablet has been leaked, providing insight into what can be expected from its upcoming release. As far as the unofficially released information has indicated, the device will be a 7 inch color touch screen which will not have any physical buttons. Its operating system was built on a foundation of an older version of Android which was then constructed into a wholly new interface that is fully integrated with the apps from Amazon such as the MP3 Cloud Player, the Kindle Reader, the Amazon…

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