Mobile commerce in Canada could see top numbers in smartphone payments

Canadian Mobile payments

Canadian mobile commerce companies may experience record number of payments made over smartphones. As the news is released that the initial launch of the first smartphone payments for mobile commerce could be in as little as six months, thousands of retailers in Canada have already integrated the necessary equipment to make it possible for consumers to use those devices to pay for their purchases. This has made the country a leader in the development of a mobile payment system, causing many to start speculating if it could make cash obsolete…

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Sequent Software launches new NFC mobile payment platform that seeks to accelerate the adoption of mobile commerce amongst consumers

Mobile Wallets

The emerging mobile commerce industry is currently rife with competition. Financial institutions, telecommunication and technology companies are fighting for control of the industry using NFC-enabled platforms and smart phones. For consumers, the competition means that they have limited access to mobile payments depending on which NFC project they decide to support. In an effort to inject more flexibility Sequent Software, a developer of NFC software and related mobile devices, has announced the launch of a new platform that aims to accelerate the adoption of mobile payments. The platform, dubbed Sequent’s…

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Google Wallet to give consumers spending money to drive use of mobile payments

Google Wallet

Google Wallet has announced that it will be giving consumers $10 to spend through its new NFC mobile payment service in the hopes to encourage its use, as it has – so far – had a slow start. According to the official blog of the company, “We’re excited to give you a chance to try out Google Wallet and experience paying with a mobile phone.” Google aims to offer this opportunity to customers at select retailers in five American cities ahead of the holiday season. Those cities are: Los Angeles,…

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NFC technology embraced by the mobile industry worldwide

Hong Kong mobile payments

This year, the worldwide adoption of near field communication (NFC) has taken off in the mobile industry, as Google Wallet has made its strong debut and top manufacturers of mobile devices, such as Samsung (Google), Nokia, LG, RIM, and ZTE, have been producing handsets enabled with the technology. In mainland China alone, there are more than 900 users of mobile devices, making it the region with the greatest potential for the future growth of NFC use. Companies that are aiming to connect with NFC suppliers or to research new innovations…

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