Augmented reality’s day is rapidly approaching

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality has been in development over a number of years, but until very recently, it has been much more of a theory than something that could be usable in the large scale. That, however, looks as though it will be changing very soon due to the rapidly developing technology of smartphones and other mobile devices. Augmented reality is a kind of technology that will allow the users of certain devices to view digital content as an integrated element of their actual physical world. It will provide users of the…

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Augmented reality shows promising signs of practical use in the near future


Though augmented reality was still only in its experimental stages two years ago, it is showing signs of truly coming into its own through the latest commonly used and readily available technologies. Augmented reality is a cutting edge electronics industry innovation which superimposes audio, graphics, and other sensory enhancements from the screen onto an environment in real time. Though images on television and other standard graphics technologies don’t change with the perspective of the viewer, augmented reality systems let the viewer change what is seen through movements of the eyes…

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