Healthcare industry is going mobile with award winning apps

Healthcare Mobile Marketing Industry

The healthcare industry’s ever-growing trend toward mobile technology has taken another step forward with the introduction of new award-winning apps available to smartphone users, such as those introduced by Humana. Smartphone users are no stranger to applications relating to basic health and fitness, known as mHealth apps, and industry giants have not failed to notice. MyHumana Mobile, by Humana, one of the largest and most well-established American publically traded companies in the healthcare industry, recently received the first-ever “Best Medical App” Appy Award which was handed out in San Francisco…

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Blippar set sights on advertisers with AR platform

Snap Shot of augmented reality

A new augmented reality program that aims to bring brands to life made its debut the other day at the Inspire Conference in London. The Conference draws together some of the most creative minds in the world. Over the course of two days, a number of innovative concepts and designs will be shared along with some formidable displays of technology. Blippar was in attendance, showing off their AR application of the same name. Blippar bills itself as the first universal AR platform aim at advertisers. The application is simple enough…

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Local coffee house introduces mobile payment options

Mobile Marketing Coffee Industry

Chinatown Coffee Co. has introduced an all new payment option to their customers as a part of a smartphone pilot program for a mobile payment application. The app used is called Card Case and permits its users to run a tab with participating companies and then pay off the accumulated amount using a credit card that has been pre-registered with the app. Using the app involves no requirement of cash or a credit card with the actual business where the purchase is being made. Card Case was developed by the…

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