Swirl mobile shopping application unveiled

Swirl mobile app
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Swirl mobile app

New mobile shopping platform revealed by Swirl Networks

Swirl Networks, a startup based In Massachusetts, has unveiled what it believes to be a next generation mobile shopping platform. The company has launched the Swirl application for iOS devices, which aims to combine interactive and social technologies to connect consumers to their favored retail stores. Swirl is the latest in a series of similar mobile shopping applications that are designed to make mobile shopping a more prominent part of the retail industry.

Swirl already attracts support from major retail brands

Swirl is still in its early stages, but has already acquired 220 deals with major retail brands, such as Macy’s and Old Navy. The application covers 30,000 retail stores accounting for 100,000 products throughout the U.S. Backed by $6 million in capital from various investors Swirl is poised to change the way consumers purchase items from retailers. Unlike other mobile commerce applications that have been introduced into the retail industry, Swirl commits its focus to offline shopping.

Application aims to enhance offline shopping experience

Swirl Networks believes there is a need to improve the offline experience of mobile consumers. Company founder Hilmi Ozguc notes that while many consumers are making use of smart phones, they are not necessarily doing so to get real-time information about where to shop for the products they are looking for. Many of these consumers are actually sent offers for products they may not want from retailers who try to reach wide audiences rather than a particular group of consumers. Ogzuc likens the Swirl application to a sort of personal shopping assistant as wit will help consumers find what they need while they are shopping.

Platform may be capable of competing with others in the mobile shopping sector

Though Swirl has managed to attracted a great deal of support from large retail brands, it will still have to compete with other, more established mobile commerce and shopping applications. If the application can provide consumers with a valuable and memorable experience, it may be able to establish itself as a leader in the industry by focusing on providing consumers with a different avenue in mobile shopping.

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