QR codes can now be used for digital billing with proper guidelines

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QR Codes Mobile Payment Report

NACHA has now come up with the bill payment standard that has been long awaited.

NACHA – the Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP) at the Electronic Payments Association – has now unveiled the long awaited guidelines for using QR codes for bill payments purposes.

This was a collaborative effort in order to allow companies to take this mobile step forward.

It is only the most recent of NACHA’s efforts to continue to offer the industry for electronic payments a new cutting edge product in a way that has a standard processes and solutions for greater stability and security, more wide scale adoption, and a decreased liability risk.

The billing guidelines using QR codes have been set out in several standards for different uses.

These were all provided within the “Quick Response Encoding for Consumer Bill Pay Guidelines”. It offered not only proposed standards for the use of QR codes in direct biller programs, but also for aggregator and consolidator billing. It provided several payment models that could be applied.

Among the draft recommendations provided by these guidelines included the following:

• The size of the QR codes themselves
• The types of data that should be included within the barcodes
• The layout of the data that the quick response codes will represent

These are only a few of the many different recommendations that were made in order to create a form of standard within the online payments industry for mobile use. It is the intention of NACHA to be able to apply the guidelines in order to create a single format for the use of QR codes.

This will allow consumers to become familiar and recognize the QR codes and how they should be used in order to view their bills and then make the necessary payments. The guidelines, in their entirety, are now available on the official NACHA website. They are meant to be a significant reference for firms that intend to use the mobile barcodes as a part of their print or online billing formats. They were developed by NACHA, which then requested the input of the mobile payments industry in order to further polish the recommendations.

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