QR code makes a star appearance – AGAIN!

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Popping up in all the right places, the qr code is making its appearance yet again, but this time on the back of gift cards for the new 3-D movie, “TRON: Legacy”.  Disney just announced the exclusive sale (can only be purchased in their parks) of these cards – check it out! The bright and shiny qr code will lead viewers from a click of their mobile phones to a special landing page on the movies web site, but you must have the reader software first. No worries, this is usually a free download and you’re going to want to get it!

 The two dimensional super star code is no stranger to the movies though… landing great roles in many movie advertisements in Japan, like “Superman Returns” and “Ironman 2”. More and more we can expect the black and white beauty to show its pretty face on the big screen in the U.S. too. Companies are getting more and more creative in code – can you think of a better way to get movie trailers or T.V. previews of the up and coming series in the hands of consumers? I didn’t think so.  

Check out how CSI New York solved their case through code in 2009:

Just wait, although slow to take over in the U.S., Japan born qr codes will rule the advertising world! Not only is big business already in, small business owners are thinking about ways to utilize this technology too by putting a fresh face on many stagnant advertisements. Coupons can be scanned loaded into your phone then brought to the establishment – avoiding the chore of cutting and the embarrassment. Now you’re cool, flash them your phone and Voila…you’re saving money! Plus, business owners will love the fact that this new venture is paying off.

Silly, qr codes aren’t just for kids…think about how you can use them in your day to day, TODAY!

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