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QR Code Wine

Inspired by the success of their contemporaries, more wineries are flocking to QR codes to boost their mobile marketing power. The codes have been gaining traction with vineyards due to their ability to provide engaging content to consumers. Many are taking advantage of the popularity of social media, using the codes to link to their online profiles and make use of social promotion. Despite some industry leaders initially deeming the codes as a marketing phase, they are being won over by their prowess and versatility.

J Vineyard QR Code
J Vineyard QR Code

J Vineyards & Winery is among the companies making use of mobile technology. In celebration of their 25th anniversary, the Sonoma County based vineyard is implementing QR codes in two of their upcoming wine releases. The codes will be linked to a one-minute video showcasing the features of each wine, as presented by founder and president, Judy Jordan.

The Lion Nathan Wine Group is also stamping the codes on their wines. The group is offering detailed reviews, tasting notes and production notes to customers as well as extensive video tours of their vineyards. QR codes were chosen specifically because they are currently the only medium through which such content can be displayed quickly to consumers.

Companies are embracing technology in an effort to provide consumers with a better experience and a better education on their products. QR codes have become an integral part of this process, and will continue in their role well into the future.

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