Over one in three consumers use m-commerce

Mobile Commerce Statistics
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Mobile Commerce Statistics

A study performed by the Consumer Electronics Association has shown that the same devices that have revolutionized communication are now also changing the way that consumers shop, as 9 out of every 10 American consumers (about 216 million individuals) own a smartphone, tablet or cell phone, and 37 percent of them have taken part in mobile commerce in some way.

The data from the research performed by this trade group based in Arlington also shows that on average, throughout the next 12 months, these consumers intend to spend about $575 on purchases over mobile.

The name of the study was “Mobile Commerce – Reinventing the Way Consumers Shop”. It looked into the different types of m-commerce, which included: searching for coupons, redeeming discount coupons, offers, and gift cards, and shopping and/or making purchases in-store or online through the use of the devices.

The areas which received the highest amount of shopping and browsing through mobile devices were in clothing and footwear and consumer electronics. At the same time, the categories that saw the most purchases were books and music.

The research determined that individuals with mobile devices intend to make a larger number of mobile purchases within the next year, and that they also intend to boost the number of coupons that they use through their mobile devices throughout that same timeframe.

Thirty two percent also indicated that they believe that they will be searching for coupons online more frequently using their mobile devices, while 30 percent said that they intend to use their mobile device to redeem a coupon, and 29 percent said that they will check for email coupons using their devices.

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