Newly launched ScanTip offers real-time NFC tag and QR code scan alerts

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Connection hub startup, Kimtag has announced the release of its ScanTip product which provides complete integration of a real-time email alert system for scans of NFC tags and QR codes.

ScanTip integrates fully into the Kimtag connection sharing system, which means that its users will now be capable of choosing to receive instant notification of all of the scans made of both their NFC tags and their QR codes.

Kimtag Plus and all other Management License products include the ScanTip feature so that it can be easily enabled and controlled through one common interface. The service can also be used in conjunction with the the vTag and Branches connection sharing management systems from Kimtag, offering individual types of alerts for multiple NFC tags and QR codes.

For instance, by using ScanTip and the Kimtag vTag, users have access to a simple management process for receiving their broad and specific alerts for QR codes which can be broken down by location or by product.

According to the CEO of Kimtag, Phil Coote, when those two products are combined, then the result is that users can gain a more detailed comprehension of when and how their NFC tags and QR codes are being scanned. He said that “It’s a powerful and exciting addition to the Kimtag connection sharing system.”

Kimtag was first launched earlier in 2011, and was created with the intention of making it simpler to share several different types of connections such as blogs, websites, and social networks. Today, there are more than 80,000 Kimtags linking companies to mobile device users through NFC tags and QR codes.

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