New app to help businesses manage mobile campaigns

QR Code Analytics
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QR Code Analytics
A new mobile application is letting companies manage their QR code campaigns as well as create new, engaging content for their mobile sites. Zappit, a leading QR code campaign management platform, recently launched the application of the same name. The app lets companies manage their campaigns from the smart phones or other mobile device. As business and mobile technology continues to become entangled, the ability to keep track of marketing campaigns has become invaluable.

Zappit allows companies to keep track of real time engagement activity, customize mobile websites connected to QR codes, and monitor engagement emails. The application also doubles as a QR code scanner. An innovative feature of the scanner allows mobile users without a connection to the Internet to save the codes they scan. When they establish an Internet connection, they can recall the codes and browse whatever they are linked to.

The platform has caught the interest of a number of brands engaged in QR code voucher campaigns. By scanning the codes, consumers can receive electronic vouchers that are redeemable for a variety of goods or services. This initiative has proven popular amongst consumers as well as they are given an incentive to participate.

QR codes have become an integral part of the business world. Both consumers and marketers alike are favoring the codes over more traditional forms of advertising due to their dynamic nature.

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