Mobile commerce may become more secure with new technology

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Mobile Commerce Security

Freescale Semiconductor teams with INSIDE Secure to bring more safety to mobile commerce

There are no signs of mobile commerce losing momentum around the world despite very serious concerning regarding security. Security has emerged as the most significant challenge facing mobile commerce today, even surpassing the problem of the low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Security faults in many popular mobile payment applications and systems used by retailers, banks, and other companies could threaten the success of the mobile commerce industry. In order to solve the growing problem of security, Freescale Semiconductor has teamed with INSIDE Secure to introduce a possible solution to the problem.

New technologies on display at Metering Europe event

Both companies are attending the Metering Europe trade shown in Amsterdam, where they are showcasing new electricity meter and NFC connectivity technologies. These technologies could bring significant benefits to consumers in the form of lowered energy bills and more security in mobile commerce. The two technologies are designed to work together, allowing for electric meters to be read more efficiently and mobile payments for energy bills and other service to be made more securely.

Smart meters incorporate secure form of NFC technology

Smart meters are becoming more popular around the world because of their potential to significant reduce the amount of money consumers pay for electricity. The new smart meter from Freescale Semiconductor and INSIDE Secure is equipped with NFC technology that will allow consumers to access their energy consumption information and make payments from their mobile device. The NFC system used in the smart meter can be modified to be used in other mobile commerce systems, such as those being adopted by retail businesses, to facilitate the secure transmission of financial information.

Mobile commerce may flounder if issues regarding security are not addressed

Mobile commerce security continues to gain momentum as more consumers participate in mobile transactions. Breakthroughs in technology, such as those being demonstrated by Freescale Semiconductor and INSIDE Secure, could help solve the problem of security and ensure that the financial information of a consumers is protected against malicious sources.

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