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Marketing with QR Codes

Society has gone mobile loco. With mobile technology surging, and more high-tech marketing methods aimed at mobile users, it’s no wonder that over 80 percent of the nation’s population has a cell phone. It isn’t just for tweens and teens; adult usage of mobile applications, web surfing and comparison shopping has increased 20 to 30 percent in age groups 35 through 60years old.

Technology for mobile devices is advancing at such an incredible rate it’s unbelievable. It has almost gotten to the point that the technology has out run the devices themselves; in other words, the technology is here, but a device that can actually utilize it is still in the works. Now that is progress.

Another progression is mobile marketing. Between Social Media and QR Codes, (a new way to link merchant’s to mobile customers), mobile marketing has gone gold. If you haven’t seen, or heard of QR Codes yet; you’re in for a surprise.

Major companies all over the world are using these now. Here in the U.S. it is just beginning to gain traction, but there are several U.S. businesses that are now incorporating these codes, directly into their marketing campaigns. Home Depot, U.S. Airways, Google, Verizon, Bloomingdale’s, and even Lady Gaga, are all using these little square bar codes to market their products.

These Codes, when scanned by your Smartphone, will link you to a web site, coupon, or other downloadable material for entertainment and information. The application to enable your phone to read codes is free. A lot of the QR Code generator’s are free also. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and will go virtually anywhere; from business cards and flyers to television commercials and window decals.

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