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Standing Out in a Crowd

It has been said that necessity is the mother of innovation. In trying economic times, this indeed seems to be true. Technology continues to progress and becomes more integrated with everyday. More people are making use of mobile devices today than ever before in the past. Of the multitude of mobile technologies available today, QR codes are standing out rather prominently. While technology may not be making everything easier, tools like QR codes are enabling people to perform in a much different capacity than in the past.

The global recession took its toll on millions. Many have lost their jobs, and despite optimistic outlooks that suggest the economy is recovering, they still struggle to find work. Now, more than ever, any advantage they can get could mean the difference between employment and continued joblessness. This is where QR codes come in handy.

Some tech-savvy job hunters have taken to using the codes as part of displaying their skills to employers. Instead of the traditional resume and cover letter, these people have sent codes that, most frequently, link to videos of themselves. Such is the case with Victor Petit.

Petit is in search of an internship and, in order to stand out, has been sending out resumes to employers. The resume follows the traditional format but Petit has included a large picture of himself on the back. Instead of a mouth, there is a QR code. Scanning the code opens up a video of Petit’s mouth, through which he continues to express his talent.

Using the codes in this way is not reserved solely for those gifted with technological know-how. The codes can be generated for free online and can be read with any smart phone with a camera.

With so many still struggling for work, being able to incorporate technology may help jobseekers stand out from amidst the crowd.

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