M-Commerce is on the move!

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M-Commerce Marketing

Companies that have online shopping sites are getting a major boost from mobile and social media. With the extremely high number of mobile phone users and the phenomenal number of Facebook users (not to mention Twitter, LinkedIn, Tribe, Yelp, Web 2.0 and countless others), companies are getting exposure all over the world.

It is important to have a good marketing plan before going to advertise on a social media site; with thousands of other companies having the same idea, you don’t want to be lost in the crowd because of poor planning. E-commerce, and now, m-commerce is in the position to become major factors in the economy of the world.

Since mobile use is growing at such a rapid rate, they must be considered also, as potential customers. In the past, marketing to mobile customers was almost impossible, unless you could get them to sign up for e-mails or text messages. Now QR Codes are breaking out, and eliminating the problem of how to connect with mobile users.

These small, square, 2D barcodes are inexpensive, versatile, can be custom designed and used anywhere. Any Smartphone can download a decoder, and most are free. There are sites all over the web to teach a person, or a business, what they are, and how to use them. Even a majority of the (QR) Code Generators are free.

You are able to design your own code, and link it to your business page, or give information about products you offer, or give electronic coupons just to get customers to visit your store. Once you have designed your code, you can post it on any of the social media sites, in magazines; you can put them on decals or t-shirts; they really are that versatile.

Other countries like Japan and parts of Europe are ahead of us in the QR technology area; so marketing globally by use of QR Codes would be possible.

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