Keytree Labs unveils CEO Vision: An augmented reality system for corporations

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Keytree Labs, a technology firm based in the United Kingdom, is looking to make augmented reality a staple in the corporate world. The firm has developed a new AR system it is calling CEO Vision. The system is meant to provide corporate executives the ability to access data from SAP HANA, a data solutions company serving businesses around the world. In the corporate world, SAP HANA provides a valuable service. Using a SAP HANA database system enables corporations to access valuable information and analytic data quickly. Keytree believes that augmented reality can work well with such a system.

CEO Vision is designed specifically for a SAP HANA database. The system is head-mounted and appears similar to other augmented reality glasses that are being developed by other technology companies. Using these glasses, company executives can view digital information connected to reports and other printed material. Keytree believes that its system will mesh well with a fast-paced company that is looking to use emerging technologies to its business environment.  The system is still in the early stages of development and Keytree has many tweaks planned for future iterations of CEO Vision.

Augmented reality is beginning to gain momentum around the world in a variety of industries. The most popular uses for the technology currently are for the gaming and marketing industry. The world of business may be able to find some benefit from using the technology, though it may be some time before augmented reality reaches a point where its use would be intuitive enough to be viable for a corporate environment.

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