Innovative SnapTags will be shown off at upcoming marketing events

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Snaptag Barcodes
Since QR codes first hit U.S. shores in 2008, the marketing industry has been awash with innovation. The codes successfully launched a new marketing industry that was more focused on connecting to mobile consumers; a demographic that advertisers had been having trouble reaching in the past. QR codes catapulted mobile barcode technology into the limelight and have bred several spin-offs that have enjoyed varying degrees of success. One of the more successful variants of mobile barcodes is the SnapTag, created by SpyderLynk, a mobile marketing firm.

SnapTags are a form of barcode that allows companies to embed their logos within the design itself without having to worry about ruining the codes functionality. The simple design of the codes is quite different from the blocky patterns associated with QR codes, and some find SnapTags more pleasing to the eye. SnapTags work the same way as QR codes do, but require a special kind of barcode scanning application in order to use them.

SnapTag vs. QR CodeSkogg will be attending the OMMA Global conference on September 27 at the Manhattan Marriott Marquis in New York City.

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