GNC’s thought process behind their clean and easy mobile site

Example of a good search mobile website
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Example of a good search mobile website

Another merchant takes advantage of the growing mobile platforms and the numerous tools that can be used. General Nutrition Centers Inc., (GNC) recently launched their new mobile commerce site. With the help of an m-commerce technology provider and Google Commerce Search, they achieved a unique and improved site.

GNC wanted something different than the typical mobile commerce shopping site. They wanted to do something that would make them stand out among any competitors. Their new site offers certain functions and features that many retailers aren’t adding to their m-commerce sites.

They decided to go with Google Commerce Search because of the new enhancements and the way it helps the mobile customer find what they want, get it, and get back to business.

Since most mobile shoppers know what they want, or are looking for a particular item, the enhanced search helps them find it more quickly.

The Google Commerce Search service makes searching faster by adding in an assist-type program. The user can type part of the keyword and a drop down menu showing all available options for that entry will appear. They can choose any of the option products and be taken to that product description page.

This helps to save the customer time in typing and searching for the product they want. The Commerce Search also allows GNC to place ads or special promotions on certain pages within their site. The service has a “dashboard” utility that lets the merchant redesign areas of the site and track progress and results.

The extra tidbits like a mobile GPS store locator to help consumers find the nearest store to their current location, is also a huge plus for GNC. More and more consumers want to shop local, and this is one way of enabling them to do that.

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