Filmmakers embrace interactive technology to give audiences a more engaging experience

AR Technology
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AR Technology
As technology becomes more advanced, its relationship with the world of nature is gaining more attention. Filmmakers are turning to multimedia to produce more interactive movies and have been taking interest in augmented reality. Such is the case with “Bear71,” a new documentary that examines the relationship between wildlife and technology. The documentary is part of the “New Frontier” program from the Sundance Film Festival, which seeks to showcase how filmmakers are using new technologies to create interactive experiences.

The documentary follows a grizzly bear in the Banff National Park in Canada. The bear was fitted with a tracking device and monitoring equipment that recorded its navigation through the park. Several surveillance points were set up to capture the bear’s movements and give audiences live footage. The documentary features many augmented reality experiences that allow viewers to enter a virtual forest. The forest is populated with 3D images of the bear and its surroundings. Audience members will be able to interact with each other through webcam and share the experience.

Interactivity is becoming a film genre in and of itself. Through the use of augmented reality, studios are beginning to discover new ways to engage their audience. Coupled with the growing influence of social media, filmmakers are beginning to take the first steps into a new field of entertainment that has yet to be explored. Thus far, consumers have responded well to interactive movies.

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